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The Washington County Housing Authority is committed to procuring high quality materials, equipment, and services at the best value.  To the extent permitted by Federal Requirements, the Authority will purchase from local sources and women and minority owned businesses.  We also seek open opportunity for low-income Section 3 potential business participants, and to expand our listing of potential business partners.  Please note our Q&A below to gain understanding of essential processes.


Questions and Answers:

1.  What are local sources?

Local sources are businesses who have an address within 40 miles of any of our office locations


2.  What is a minority or women owned business?

A minority or women owned business is one owned by 51% or more by a minority or women.  Such businesses must be registered with the State of Pennsylvania as such.


3.  What is Section 3?

Section 3 is part of the US Department of Urban Development (HUD) Act of 1968.  This Act and associated regulations ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financial assistance be directed to Public Housing residents, individuals of low-income, and to business concerns that provide economic opportunities to these individuals.


4.  How are contracts selected?

Contracts for services, materials, construction, and equipment are awarded by Public Advertised Competitive bid procedures for large contract amounts.  Thresholds for such contracts change annually.  For the smallest contracts, a provider is chosen from a list of those wishing to be considered on a rotating basis and a purchase order number is issued.  Supplies and materials in small quantity are chosen by current wholesale and retail supply catalogs.  Intermediate size contracts are chosen by solicitation from 3 or more sources.


5.  How do I participate?

On the Provider Page, enter your contact information and type of product/service you wish to furnish.  We will contact you for bid opportunities as may apply.


6.  Do Wage Rates apply?

Prevailing wage rates apply to all construction and maintenance work over $2,000.  Contractors must submit certified payrolls for payments to employees with the exception of work done by a sole proprietor with no employees.  In such cases, a statement that no employees were working is needed.


7.  What other qualifications exists for doing business with the Authority?

Commercial Businesses selling items through catalogue pricing must be willing to establish an account for purchases, allow 30 days for payment when billing, or accept a credit card payment, and tax-exempt statement.

Contractors must be willing to complete all forms necessary for bidding, billing and project close-out.


8. Are there situations when the Authority does not bid for large amount services or equipment?

In an emergency or a situation where price competition is lacking, a sole source agreement may be approved.  Additionally, the Authority participates in Cooperative Purchasing whereby services or equipment have been previously exposed to bidding.  Examples of Cooperative Purchasing Platforms are PA Costarts, Sourcewell, and Omnia.

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