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Formal Bid Documents


The Following list of Contract Documents is intended to provide information to Contractors wishing to participate in the Formal Bid Process.  Many of the forms are self-explanatory and require minimal effort to address.  Those forms that do require effort to complete will be addressed at appropriate times during the construction process.  Samples of completed forms are available and Authority Staff typically assist Contractors on an “as needed” basis to assure that documentation is properly completed.


List of Formal Bid Documents


1. Bid Package Documents

A.  Instructions to Bidder for Contract (HUD 5369)

B.  Representations, Certifications and Other Statement of Bidders (HUD 5369A).

C.  Bid Form

D.  Bid Bond

E.  Statement of Bidder's Qualifications

F.  Non-Collusive Affidavit

G. Certificate of Independent Price Determination

H.  Contingent Fee Representation and Agreement

I.   Certification and Disclosure Regarding Payments to Influence Certain Federal Transactions

J.  Organizational Conflicts of Interest Certification

K.  Bidder’s Certification of Eligibility

L.  Small, Minority, Women-Owned Business Concern Representation

M.  Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise and Indian Organization Representation

N.  Certification of Eligibility under the Davis-Bacon Act

O.  Certification on Non-segregated Facilities

P.  Clean Air and Water Certification

Q.  Previous Participation Certificate

R.  Bidder’s Signature

S.  Certification of Contractor regarding E.E.O.

T.  Section 3 Plan and Certification

U.  Previous Participation Certification (HUD 2530)


2.  Start  Up Documents

A. Form of Contract

B. Service Contract Required Federal Language Addendum

C. Performance Bond

D. Labor & Materialmen’s Bond

E. Stipulation Against Liens

F. Certificate of Liability Insurance

G. Section 3 Compliance

H. I Hereby Certify Form         

I. General Contract Conditions – HUD Form 5370 (if greater than $150,000) or HUD Form 5370-                 EZ (if less than $150,000).

J. The Contractor’s W9 IRS Form

K. Schedule of Amounts for Contract Payments Form HUD-51000 (bid document for payment purposes)


3. Documents Distributed at Pre-Construction Conference

A.   Letter Of Transmittal

B.   Pre-Construction Meeting Packet Contents List

C.   Pre-Construction Conference Information


E.   1099 Form Required For Payment

F.   Holiday Schedule

G.   Employee Rights Under The Fair Labor Or Standards Act

H.   Report On Change

I.   Schedule Of Amounts For Contract Payments

J. Periodic Estimate For Partial Payment


L. Schedule Of Change Orders

M. Schedule Of Materials Stored

N. Summary Of Materials Stored

O. Change Order Requests – Support Documents

P. TO ALL CONTRACTORS – Safety Is No Accident

Q. HUD Handbooks & Directives

R.  Close Out Check list and all Close Out Documents

S. Davis-Bacon Wage Rates - Current As Of Date Of Pre-Construction Meeting

T. Request for Acceptance of Subcontractor

U. Non-Collusive Affidavit Form

V.  Non-Discrimination / Sexual Harassment Clause Form

W.  Executed Contract – 1 Fully Executed Copy To Contractor                    

X.  Notice To Proceed (3 Partially Executed Copies By WCHA To Contractor;

                     Contractor Returns 2 Fully Executed And Notarized Copies To WCHA)


4.  Documents Used During the Term of Contract

A. Payroll – WHD Forms

B. 1099 Form (required for payment)

C. Report of Change

D. Periodic Estimate for Partial Payments (HUD-51000)

E. I Hereby Certify Form

F. Schedule of Change Orders (HUD-51002)

G. Schedule of Materials Stored (HUD-51003)

H. Summary of Materials Stored (HUD-51004)

I. Change Order Request- Support Document

J. Request For Acceptance of Subcontractor

K. Non-Collusive Affidavit Form


5.  Close-Out Documents

A. Punchlist Inspection Report

B. Certificate of Substantial Completion

C. Contractor’s Certificate & Release Form

D. Contractor’s Certification of Completion Form

E. Contractor’s Memorandum of Occupancy Acceptance Form

F. Final Periodic Estimate For Partial Payment

G. As-Built Drawings

H. Operation and Maintenance Manuals

I. Section 3 Summary Report Form

J. Warranties

K. Final Certified Payroll

L. Statement of Surety

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