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Formal Bid Procedures


Construction work that is subject to Formal Bid Procedures is subject to State and Federal oversight.  Required documentation is essential in assuring compliance.  Steps to achieving compliance include design of the work by an Architect or Engineer together with production of work Plans and Specifications, Public Advertisement of work to be done, Public Opening of Bids, and documentation of progress and completion of the work.  Please note as follows:


1. Plan Documentation

To be a Bidder of Record, a Contractor must purchase a set of Plans and Specifications with detailed work to be done from the Architect.  A Pre-Bid Conference open to interested Bidders is held whereby Contractors may ask questions of the Design Specialist.  Answers will be sent to Bidders of record in the form of Plan Addenda to be noted on the Form of Bid.


2.  Bid Opening and Award of Contract

Public Bid Openings are at a scheduled date and time.  Bids with required accompanying documentation will be judged as responsive.  Bids lacking in correct form and format will likely be determined “nonresponsive” and the Bid will be rejected.  The lowest Responsible Bid will be held for review and awarded unless the Bid exceeds Budget Limitations.  In such cases, all  bids will be rejected and the work will be redesigned to include cost restrictions.  PLEASE NOTE: NO ELECTRONIC BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Formal bid requirements are that only sealed paper bids submitted before the deadline date and time will be accepted.


3.  Construction Procedures

Subsequent to receipt of all required initial documents in the Bid Package, a Pre-Construction Conference will be held at which time, the Architect and Housing Authority will review site conditions, required documentation and other items of interest with the contractor.  A Notice to Proceed specifying beginning and ending dates of construction will be issued and the Contractor will submit shop drawings detailing materials proposed for use for Architectural review.  Davis-Bacon Wage Rates will be confirmed and employee interviews will be conducted and certified payrolls will be submitted to demonstrate Labor Rate Compliance.  Invoices in the form of Periodic Estimates will be submitted, which estimates are to be based on a Schedule of Amounts for contract payments (bid breakdown).  Estimates are reviewed by the Architect and Authority Staff as steps in the approval process which generally takes 30 days to complete prior to the check being issued.  Construction Conferences will be held with attendance by the Contractor, Architect and Authority Personnel to confirm the progress of the work and address any issues of concern.  Change Orders may be issued to address any unanticipated conditions affecting the work.


4.  Contract Completion and Final Payment

At the point of Substantial Completion, a final “Punch List” of items judged deficient or incomplete will be prepared and issued to the Contractor.  All Punch List items must be addressed and all missing or incomplete documents must be submitted in acceptable form.  A Final Walk Through is typically done and any outstanding Punch List items are detailed.  When all Punch List items and documents are complete, Final Payment is issued. 

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